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popomaticdeluxe massage chair guide

Choosing the right massage chair


  • Your massage chair will not be a cheap purchase and you probably want it to last more than your average consumer electronic product.Remember the following guidelines

    Massage Chair Motors

    Your massage chair motor is like a car engine. Motors in the massage chair are important since they carry out the massage. If your massage chair breaks down, it becomes useless.

    When the massage chair has independent motors that concentrate on kneading, rolling, and tapping, you will receive a more effective and powerful massage. Also, a massage chair with more motors can run the workload necessary to produce a more efficient therapeutic massage. This produces less wear on each motor, allowing the motors to rest while the active motor provides the necessary kneading or rolling massage function.

    When a single motor provides all kneading, rolling, and tapping functions, it becomes more likely to burnout from overuse. The result is a shortened life span for a singular motor in contrast with a massage chair with multiple motors.



    There are massage chairs with 16, 12, 10 or 8 rollers. Is more really better in this case? Not so when it applies to rollers in a massage chair. The more rollers a massage chair contains, the smaller each individual roller must be. If a single motor of the massage chair is tasked with moving 16 rollers it cannot do it efficiently.

    It is the quality, size and type of material rollers are made of that determine the massage you will get. Some rollers allow themselves to curve along the body and form up to 50 degree to fit the shoulders, back and other areas. Other do not allow for the curves of your body. Thus, a roller that has the flexibility to suit all body types allows for a better massage than a larger quantity of inflexible rollers. And as I will show you later, there is a massage chair that does’t use rollers at all.



    The massage chair has to be able to adjust to each user in order to be comfortable and effective for the individual. An important factor in your massage chair is the height adjustment. A good quality massage chair must take this into consideration. Some massage chairs have height adjustment for the rollers range of movement. This allows your rollers to better cover the shoulder, neck and lower back.


    The speed and intensity of your massage

    A proper massage uses strong and fast massage movements. At other times your back needs relaxing, soft movements. Some massage chairs offer strength adjustments for varying intensity. If the massage chair’s initial massage is too strong, use padding between your back and the massage chair.

    A massage chair with a good strong initial massage is a good thing. You dont want a massage chair with a weak initial massage. As times goes by most owners want to increase the intensity since the body gets accustomed to the current massage intensity. This is similar to increasing the weight in your body building routine. There is a problem with a massage chair producing a softer massage. There is no way to increase the intensity. In other words, there are no means to increase intensity when your body needs a stronger massage.


    If you are prone to neck problems, this can be a critical factor in the enjoyment of your massage chair
    Many people have neck problems. This is especially true for people working in the computer field who are in front of their terminal all day long. Some brands offer you a better neck massage than others. This is why it’s important to look into your online store’s return policy.


    massage chair features

    There are massage chairs with speed control but no strength control and there are massage chairs with strength control but do not include speed control. Different features can include air massage or roller massage. Air massage involves squeezing the muscle and as a result is not as effective as the better roller massages. Roller massage provides you the best massage technique for shiatsu massage.

    Cheaper massage chairs have vibration, or disk rollers instead of large rollers that provide a more therapeutic shiatsu massage. Leather massage chairs or non-leather chairs is also an issue.


This 1 tips can save you hundreds of dollars

I strongly advise you against buying a leather massage chair. Leather massage chairs are expensive to produce, will cost you a lot more and in the long run will not last as long as synthetic leather.

If the user does not use leather care oils, the rollers will crack the leather from the repetitive stress. For this reason, leather massage chairs provide less of an advantage over synthetic leather. Trust me on this one, you will save yourself alot of money by avoiding leather.

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