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its been while so here are history.

It’s Been A While, So Here Are History Lessons from My Vacation

It’s been quiet around here for a long while. Things have been insane lately–I’m essentially working two jobs right now, and grabbing all the extra work I can. I haven’t shot any outfits, really, but I have been to a ton of burlesque shows.

Anywho, please enjoy some photos of my August trip to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s such a beautiful place with a really rich history. I feel so lucky to have grown up spending my time there. Unfortunately, it’s a little inconvenient to reach from New York unless you get a good deal on a JetBlue flight, but my week there was perfect for decompressing.

Unknown adorable little girl on the Inkwell
My mom and I spent a lot of time on the beach, especially Town Beach, or the Inkwell. Historically, Town Beach was called the Inkwell by white Martha’s Vineyard residents and visitors because Town Beach was frequented by black vacationers. Blacks reclaimed the name and now almost no one can remember the standard name for the Inkwell.
Coffee with a view
Every time I go to Martha’s Vineyard, we make sure we have breakfast at Aquinnah Shop. Aquinnah is the home of the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe. The tribe’s trust lands cover the town of Gay Head. Aquinnah Shop restaurant incorporates elements of Aquinnah cuisine, like the stone-ground blue corn used for waffles and pancakes.
Outside the restaurant
Gay Head Cliffs
According to the Aquinnah legend, Moshup the Giant lived in Aquinnah with his wife Squant. He was a friend to the Aquinnah, teaching them to fish and hunt whales. Because he was a giant, Moshup could just pluck whales out of the ocean and bang them against the cliffs, staining the earth red (you can’t see much red in my photo, but other areas of Aquinnah have a lot more red clay in the cliffs’ makeup).

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